Digital collage workshops now online in Skillshare

The idea of making an online class was in my head since 2014 and of course since then I have been postponing it. But finally I have published not one, but two online digital collage classes in Skillshare and to be honest, I really enjoyed the process (specially the second one as everything became easier after the experience of the first one).

Of course its not the same as taking on of my 9 hours digital collage workshops, but I find them quite entertaining, or at least I would have loved to have something like Skillshare when I started in 2007. By that time Lynda tutorials were my best friend to learn how to use Photoshop and collage was something that I had no idea that I was doing.

Digital collage: understanding style and making one

learn photoshop digital collage techniques marcos morales

In this first class that I published we learn how to analyse, deconstruct and create a digital collage. By understanding how images and textures work in this technique, we are able to create our own toolbox of resources so when you make your own digital collage you can do what you want, and not what “you could”.

We start by making a sketch then we analyse and understand styles of images, textures and collages and finish by making a digital collage based on our references. In between we learn how and where to find free images online. For this class you need to know the basics of Adobe Photoshop.

Floral Portrait Digital collage Step by Step in Adobe Photoshop

Thumbnail Skillshare digital collage portrait Digital collage workshop with photoshop

In this class we make a floral portrait using digital collage techniques in Adobe Photoshop. We start from the empty photoshop canvas until we get a finished exported illustration. I explain the process of making it step by step. You can download and use the same images that I use or work with your own.

If you suscribe to Skillshare through this link you can have 2 months for free and watch my class and many other cool clases from other artists.