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For some days I decided to make really simple collages with two or three images each. I have downloaded most of them from unsplash which make the work easier. They have nice colors and a nice depth of field so if you find something to say, the collage can be done in a matter of minutes.

During my workshops I tend to tell my students that there is a difference between making a collage and just taking advantage of the beauty of someone else’s work. I try to stay away from using images that are “too beautiful as they are”. This tends to happen with “retro” images that no matter how you combine them, they look amazing because of their vintage, eroded look. The same happens with these images that I have used, they are beautiful by themselves, so I just tried to have fun with them and add a little fantasy to them.

I would say that the average time for making these illustrations was 20 minutes, counting the time spent looking for images. So it’s a good exercise to make when you have some free time.

I hope you like them.

Photo by Zhu Hongzhi
collage illustrator marcos morales stairs
Photo by Water Journal
collage illustrator marcos morales woods
Photo by Liam Pozz
collage illustrator marcos morales key
Photo by Jason Wong